Silverlake Vineyard

Private Investigators Pattaya

High quality video from the Pattaya4d guys showing what you can do and see at Silverlake Vineyard or Silverlake Village as it is now being called.

Silverlake is located in next to Khao Chee Chan, more commonly known as Buddha Mountain in Amphur Khao Chee Chan so you can easily visit both in the same trip. It is about 2-25 minutes drive from the center of Pattaya. It is off the main road so the best way to get there is by your own vehicle or by taxi (see link below the video). If you are on a motorbike you can also ride around the lake to visit the small temples and shrines dotted around, in particular the famous Viharnra Sien Chinese temple which is very close by.

Taxi Rates to Silverlake and Buddha Mountain

Tans Taxi Pattaya

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