Pattaya’s top tourist attractions

Private Investigators Pattaya

Pattaya’s top tourist attractions! Well, that’s the title of the video so we are running with it. The video actually visits just three of the many attractions in Pattaya. Some of the big boys such as the Floating Market would probably disagree with the description. Nice video though, featuring – Ripleys Believe it or not, Mini Siam (image above) and the Sanctuary of Truth in Nahklua. The latter is the only one we would consider one of the really “top” attractions although all three are popular.

Pattaya’s top tourist attractions media

YouTube channel –
Ripleys Believe it or not website – Siam website –
Sanctuary of Truth website –

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  1. Ripleys is OK, same as all of them pretty much. Never been to Mini Siam. Sanctuary of truth is a must visit if you get the chance.

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